What Sparks needs to thrive.

As a Councilmember Paul’s top priorities are to provide the highest level of safety and public health to the City of Sparks. 

Safety & Peace of Mind

Improved Emergency Response Times

Paul knows there’s a genuine and urgent need for Sparks to improve the emergency response times to meet our current needs and those of the thriving future community we’re fast becoming. Here are a few areas he has worked on to improve and will continue providing for the City.

  • Increased police and fire personnel
  • New and expanded facilities
  • Innovative types of equipment
  • Regional approach to emergency response

Other Areas of Focus

  • Homeless Outreach Proactive Engagement – HOPE
  • MOST – Mobile Outreach Safety Team



A dependable water supply is an unrelenting concern for the people of Sparks. Our snowpacks are smaller, our population is ever-increasing, and our water supply system begs for powerful innovation. Paul has supported the following projects giving us clear-eyed, common-sense control over our precious water future. We need to do this.

  • Continued Water Conservation
  • Increased Use of Purple Pipe Water – highly treated wastewater to irrigate parks, golf courses, and other public spaces.
  • Aquifer Recharge – pumping excess water into an aquifer during wet years to fortify our groundwater.
  • A+ Advanced-Purified-Water – taking highly treated wastewater, putting it through eleven additional treatment steps before injecting it into the aquifer.

Keep the Truckee River Flowing Naturally – The less reliant we are on the river, the healthier it will be on its way to Pyramid Lake.


The 60-year-old Truckee Meadows Water Recycling Facility (TMWRF) is working near capacity, and the treated water being released into the Truckee River is at maximum levels for quality. The wisest approach available is a multipronged method. 

  • Reduce the Demand – Utilize the above-listed methods to manage the wastewater volume.
  • Utilize Innovative Technologies – Through ongoing development, TMWRF is leading the nation in wastewater treatment.
  • Revitalizing and Expanding the Facility


There is no substitute for planning for and investing in solutions for the long term. We can see the benefit of the work done in the past, and we have good reason to be excited about a safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply in the future. Paul strongly supports actions such as these that will keep the river healthy and flow naturally to Pyramid Lake. 

Lands Bill

Room to grow. Sparks needs it, and Paul is all in for finding strategically sound ways of securing it. We currently have a minimal amount of space to accommodate future expansion. Our infill projects are nearing completion, and development projects will become increasingly limited. For Sparks to remain the desirable city for people to live, work, and play, Paul believes we must make room for our future selves.

  • Lower Housing Costs
  • Increase Employment Opportunities
  • Allow Businesses to Move from the Flood Plain

Quality of Life

Affordable Housing

For tomorrow’s great cities, quality homes at affordable prices are a vital concern. Paul believes Sparks should be focused likewise. The Railroad Flats development, the first of several affordable housing projects, has been introduced and will soon be joined by several others. Many of these will concentrate on housing our City’s senior population.


All-Abilities Playgrounds

In 2022, the City of Sparks unveiled our all-abilities playground at the Sparks Marina. It was our second such facility and made us home to two-thirds of them in Northern Nevada. These playgrounds allow children and adults of all ages to enjoy physical recreation and play. Funding was provided through the City’s 2019 Capital Improvement Plan, which I was a part of, and generous donations from the Reno Rodeo Foundation, Sparks Rotary Club, and the Ozmen Foundation.


There are no two ways about it; traffic in Sparks is reaching its tipping point. Ideas are needed. As is a forward-looking collaboration. We won’t get a second chance on this issue. The City of Sparks is currently working with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) and Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) to improve traffic flows, and. work is underway on Pyramid Way to ease the congestion between North McCarran Blvd. and Los Altos Parkway. Additionally, the widening of Sparks Blvd. continues between Veterans Parkway and Baring Blvd. In adding these much-needed lanes, we must protect and enhance the trails and wetlands along the route.